Announcement of Company Formation

At the Esports Fashion Group, we’re setting out on the ambitious project of bringing together the globally diverse world of esports fashion. Sporting a team of industry veterans whose resumes include names like Verizon, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Gfinity, the Esports Fashion Group is here to change the scene for good. We’ll invest in talent, community, and new technology to create a platform that pushes the envelope on what esports fashion can achieve.

With our flagship platform, Esports Fashion Week, we’ll be bringing the glamour of Milan and London fashion shows to an entirely new audience, providing a space for brands to debut their collections and connect with fans. Esports fashion is exciting and diverse, and we’re committed to uplifting this rapidly-growing ecosystem with an inclusive platform.

The Esports Fashion Group is laser-focused on building a space with an ever-growing team that can showcase creativity and talent, built on a foundation of industry experience and strong connections with brands and fans alike.

The face of esports apparel is about to change. We are Esports Fashion Group, and we’re building the future of esports fashion.

For further information on the opportunities the Esports Fashion Group can present for you and your business, please contact us at