Azalia Lexi Joins Esports Fashion Week Talent Line-up

On 14th May 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces Azalia Lexi is set to join the talent line-up for the upcoming pilot Esports Fashion Week in a presenting role, set for Q3 2021. Azalia is also set to take part in a variety of additional original video content that is set to air during Esports Fashion Week. Azalia Lexi is a streamer and model based in Los Angeles. Being a strong supporter of the competitive Call of Duty scene, her appreciation for esports and the wider competitive gaming space grew once she started attending events on a frequent basis. Over the past year, Azalia has developed her own Twitch streams, covering titles such as Warzone and FIFA, as well as hosting her own Just Chatting broadcasts. Through her craft, Azalia looks to provide her unique insight on the fashion landscape.

On introducing Azalia to the talent team, Ali Rezvan, Founder & President, Esports Fashion Group said: “Azalia serves as one of the first links between the fashion and esports world for us. Azalia’s ability to build her community in the gaming space in such a short span of time has been incredible to see. Her knowledge of the industries we exist in will be key to her presenting role during Esports Fashion Week and the content we create. I’m incredibly excited to work with Azalia on how we continue to develop this subculture in a sustainable, diverse and powerful way.”

Speaking on her involvement with Esports Fashion Week, Azalia said: “When I got asked to be a part of Esports Fashion Week, I thought it was one of the coolest things to ever do. We can create a really cool new atmosphere for something in this space that isn’t there yet.”

Further to her presenting role, Azalia will also hold a seat on the Esports Fashion Council.