Britanni Johnson Joins Esports Fashion Week Council

On 17 September 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces that Britanni Johnson will join the Esports Fashion Week council. Currently working with G2 Esports as head of creators, Britanni’s versatile experience has seen her work over a decade within the esports and gaming industry and over five years in entertainment and marketing. Ali Rezvan, Founder & Creative Director, Esports Fashion Group said: "Britanni’s background in both the gaming & fashion space serves as an extremely important tool as we continue to grow throughout the coming months, from content development to the execution of Esports Fashion Week. It was a pleasure working with Brittani in the lead up to our pilot Esports Fashion Week in July and the team and I are extremely excited to welcome her onto the Esports Fashion Council as we continue to develop next season's show. " Speaking on her involvement with Esports Fashion Week, Britanni said: “To me, it’s a reflection of the direction that this industry is going; it’s a pinnacle of entertainment and acceptance as these brands have come’s like validation and that is so important. Esports Fashion Week: to be able to be someone who can represent that and guide that process, it’s one of the things I’ve been most excited about in the involvement of esports for a really long time.” About Esports Fashion Group and Esports Fashion Week The Esports Fashion Group formed focusing on a key goal of elevating esports fashion to unexplored heights.

With a senior management team comprised of industry veterans closely linked to the broader gaming and esports spaces, Esports Fashion Group is helping to foster a first of its kind inclusive platform to facilitate and inspire innovation. With the belief that by spotlighting the diverse landscape of esports fashion through investing in talent, community, and the creative environment, a shared pride can be cultivated within the space.

Bringing the traditional ‘fashion week’ concept to the esports world, Esports Fashion Week serves as ‘the’ hub, providing a platform for brands to debut their new collections. Built on an idea of bringing esports fashion forward by demonstrating the diverse and creative scene, Esports Fashion Week looks to embrace the wider community by laying down the foundation at seasonal showcases. The release format is supplemented by original and insightful content to further connect and engage an audience in this shared world.