Esports Fashion Week Announces Partnership with ASTRO Gaming

On 23 July 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces ASTRO Gaming as the commercial partner of the Esports Fashion Week pilot. ASTRO Gaming defines, designs, and develops equipment with superior capabilities and technologies for video gaming culture. As part of the partnership, during Esports Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021, a number of prizes are set to be given as part of a competition. Further details on how to enter and the full set of rules will be provided via a link on our Twitter, @EFWeek. Warren Fish, Founder, Esports Fashion Group said:

“With the legacy that ASTRO Gaming has created over the years for premium products and gear this was a simple fit. The community behind the brand are loyal and are at the height of the “gaming lifestyle” culture that coincides with our wide efforts at EFW and we’re thrilled to bring them along for the journey!” Speaking on their involvement, Mark Shin, Head of Lifestyle Brand Partnerships, ASTRO Gaming said:

“ASTRO has partnered with Esports Fashion Week as we believe lifestyle is an important pillar for the growth of gaming and esports. I appreciate what the Esports Fashion Group is creating by bringing influencers from all walks of life and backgrounds to celebrate Fashion, lifestyle and gaming culture together. ASTRO looks forward to helping drive forward the growth of gaming lifestyle culture.” About ASTRO Gaming: ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and lifestyle products for professional gamers, leagues, and gaming prosumers. ASTRO Gaming was spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, known in the gaming world for designing the Xbox 360®, along with Alienware™ and HP® Gaming PCs. ASTRO Gaming produces a line of gamer-centric products that support the rapidly growing gaming community. All ASTRO Gaming products are available at Connect with ASTRO Gaming on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. ASTRO Gaming is a brand of Logitech International. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). About Esports Fashion Group: The Esports Fashion Group formed focusing on a key goal of elevating esports fashion to unexplored heights.

With a senior management team comprised of industry veterans closely linked to the broader gaming and esports spaces, Esports Fashion Group is helping to foster a first of its kind inclusive platform to facilitate and inspire innovation. With the belief that by spotlighting the diverse landscape of esports fashion through investing in talent, community, and the creative environment, a shared pride can be cultivated within the space.

Bringing the traditional ‘fashion week’ concept to the esports world, Esports Fashion Week serves as ‘the’ hub, providing a platform for brands to debut their new collections. Built on an idea of bringing esports fashion forward by demonstrating the diverse and creative scene, Esports Fashion Week looks to embrace the wider community by laying down the foundation at seasonal showcases. The release format is supplemented by original and insightful content to further connect and engage an audience in this shared world.