Esports Fashion Week Pilot Dates Announced

Esports Fashion Week will pilot between Thursday 22 July 2021 to Saturday 24 July 2021: A dynamo collective of names within the industry including behind the scenes insight into H4X and September Doves’ unreleased collections and interviews & panels courtesy of Ford Models, We Are Nations and XSET.

The esports fashion growth as a subculture has rapidly developed over recent years, with fruitful and unique visions from designers within the industry, alongside collaborations with honourable fashion brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

The Esports Fashion Week Pilot commences on Saturday 24 July 2021, hosted by esports desk host & presenter Lottie Van-Praag, streamer & model Azalia Lexi, streamer & industry professional Garrett “Shady” Smith and model & host Barney Banks.

Tune in from 7pm BST/4pm EDT/11am


Thursday 22 July: (Times in EDT)

3PM: We Are Nations - Esports Fashion: State of the Nation

4PM: Ford Models - High-fashion and luxury brands in Esports and Gaming - Presented by Ford Model [Panel]

5PM: Streetwear and sneaker culture in Esports and Gaming [Panel]

Friday 23 July: (Times in EDT)

TBD: Shady’s featured stream

TBD: Azalia Lexi’s featured stream

12PM: Barney Banks’ video-premiere

Saturday 24 July: (Times in BST)

7PM: An Introduction to Esports Fashion Week

8PM: H4X - Cyber Athletics, the latest collection released live on stream

9PM: We Are Nations - a deeper insight behind the scenes.

10PM: XSET - a look into the formation of XSET from co-founders Wil Eddins and Greg Selkoe and the future for the brand.

10:30PM: XSET - Spotlight interview with content creator Godku

11PM: September Doves - a live look into their debut collection.