Garrett 'Shady' Smith Jr. Joins Esports Fashion Week Talent Line-up

On 30th April 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces Shady is set to join the talent line up for the upcoming pilot Esports Fashion Week in a presenting role, set for Q3 2021. Shady is also due to take part in a variety of supplementary original video content that is set to air during Esports Fashion Week.

With his public facing role as Community Manager at ASTRO Gaming and his content creation duties at Rise, Shady has been actively involved in the changing landscape of the growing esports world. His personal love of sneaker culture and street wear extends to his appreciation of the wider high-end fashion space, and the fashion lifestyle continues to be a significant part of Shady’s life.

Outside of his core work, Shady also broadcasts daily morning streams on his personal Twitch channel, bringing his upbeat and enthusiastic personality to his audience.

On introducing Shady to the talent line up, Ali Rezvan, Founder & President, Esports Fashion Group said: “Over the last 5 years, Shady has embedded himself into the esports world like no one else. His positive outlook, determination and drive embodies everything that’s core to the Esports Fashion Group and we are incredibly proud to have him join our talent line up. Shady’s vast history of sneaker culture and streetwear will be monumental to the original content that’s in the works and to the subculture we are actively developing.

Speaking further on Esports Fashion Week, Shady said: “When Ali approached me, it was a million-dollar idea. The gaming industry is ready for it.”

As well as presenting, Shady will also hold a seat on the Esports Fashion Council.