H4X Joins Esports Fashion Week as a Founding Member

On 11th June 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces H4X as a founding member, with their “Cyber Athletics” collection to debut as part of the pilot Esports Fashion Week, set to launch in Q3 2021.

The H4X brand, developed by esports and fashion industry veterans, embodies the spirit of the gaming lifestyle by producing high quality garments that speak to everyone, all without putting the individuality of a what a gamer is into a set category. Embracing the culture and generation of those growing up within the era of technology, H4X’s apparel continues to push the boundaries of gaming lifestyle culture, all whilst enhancing the experience with accessible releases.

Warren Fish, Founder, Esports Fashion Group said:

“H4X have always been a leader in creativity and innovation when it comes to esports fashion. From the brand’s early involvement and activations in the esports space, to being sold across the United States in brick-and-mortar stores such as Macy’s, their keen eye for detail is instrumental to their development over the years and continues to not only benefit their brand but also our industry.

H4X have been integral to the continued development of the Esports Fashion Week, and we are extremely excited to see their ‘Cyber Athletics’ collection debut at our pilot Esports Fashion Week airing in Q3 of 2021.”

Speaking on their involvement with Esports Fashion Week, Cole Gurman, CEO, H4X said:

“We've been working on the Cyber Athletics collection for a very long time. The opportunity to unveil a sneak peek of what this story has to offer at Esports fashion week is a testament to our team's hard work. This collection will reinvent the way products and ideas move through our culture. Our intent of the new collection is to promote wellness and performance. Performance is not a category that is going to go out of style and Cyber Athletics is positioned to reflect not only the cultural aesthetics, but the technical attributes required to serve the specific needs of an esports athlete.”

H4X will also hold 2 founding seats on the Esports Fashion Council.

About H4X:

The H4X brand, founded in 2015, is a leading athletic performance apparel company that is disrupting the industry with innovation in design and proprietary fabrications all rooted in the DNA of esports. Today, the H4X Design Lab extracts the lifestyle aesthetics embraced by the gaming community and fuses them into environmentally versatile and ergonomic streetwear. The company, a division of Moniker, Inc. is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and led by Cole Gurman, who is the Founder and CEO and a noted expert in the gaming industry. Gurman and his team have a mission to support consumers globally who have a passion for redefining physical limitations in our globalized digital world.

For more information, please visit: http://www.H4X.gg or follow H4X on Twitter (https://twitter.com/h4xgg) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/h4xgg)

About Esports Fashion Group and Esports Fashion Week:

The Esports Fashion Group formed focusing on a key goal of elevating esports fashion to unexplored heights.

With a senior management team comprised of industry veterans closely linked to the broader gaming and esports spaces, Esports Fashion Group is helping to foster a first of its kind inclusive platform to facilitate and inspire innovation. With the belief that by spotlighting the diverse landscape of esports fashion through investing in talent, community, and the creative environment, a shared pride can be cultivated within the space.

Bringing the traditional ‘fashion week’ concept to the esports world, Esports Fashion Week serves as ‘the’ hub, providing a platform for brands to debut their new collections. Built on an idea of bringing esports fashion forward by demonstrating the diverse and creative scene, Esports Fashion Week looks to embrace the wider community by laying down the foundation at seasonal showcases.

The release format is supplemented by original and insightful content to further connect and engage an audience in this shared world.


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