Jinhee Kim Joins Esports Fashion Council

On 20th July 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces that UYU’s Jinhee Ahn Kim will join the Esports Fashion Council.

UYU is a global esports and gaming organization, with a diverse roster of top tier competitors, content creators and cultural influencers from 6 of the 7 continents of the world. With deep roots in fashion and music from co-founders Jinhee Ahn Kim and Drew Kim, UYU has been at the forefront of challenging the idea of what it means to be a gamer or esports athlete, shining a light not only on their elite gameplay but on their whole identity and cultural touchpoints.

Ali Rezvan, Founder & President, Esports Fashion Group said:

“The Esports Fashion Council are incredibly excited to welcome UYU’s Jinhee Kim. Her background within fashion over the years has pursued onto UYU’s legacy, shown clearly in their merchandise. It’s a pleasure to have Jinhee on board with her talent and creative directory.”

Speaking on their involvement with Esports Fashion Week, Jinhee Ahn Kim, CEO, UYU said:

“From our genesis, UYU has viewed fashion and lifestyle as key components to the DNA of our organization as well as the future of the ever-evolving esports ecosystem. Esports Fashion Week represents a step forward towards the future we wholeheartedly embrace in which the esports community and gamers as a whole are seen as cultural tastemakers and trend setters, defining the zeitgeist of the generation of Digital Natives.”

About UYU

Founded in 2017, UYU is a US-based, global esports organizationand gaming lifestyle platform. UYU aims to define the nexus of competitive gaming, fashion, entertainment, and e-commerce. We are keen on building a global esports organization with championship teams, a distinctive apparel brand and personality-driven content that transforms the notion of a “gamer” and the gamer aesthetic.

Our global vision and ethos are shaped by a diverse worldwide roster across multiple genres. Our overall mission is to connect brands, influencers, fans, gamers, and non-gamers to the broader gaming lifestyle by leveraging our experiential expertise, streetwear/couture fashion design prowess, and dynamic storytelling ability. Our creative design and development approach is informed by the pulse of youth trends across North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America.

About Esports Fashion Group and Esports Fashion Week

The Esports Fashion Group formed focusing on a key goal of elevating esports fashion to unexplored heights.

With a senior management team comprised of industry veterans closely linked to the broader gaming and esports spaces, Esports Fashion Group is helping to foster a first of its kind inclusive platform to facilitate and inspire innovation. With the belief that by spotlighting the diverse landscape of esports fashion through investing in talent, community, and the creative environment, a shared pride can be cultivated within the space.

Bringing the traditional ‘fashion week’ concept to the esports world, Esports Fashion Week serves as ‘the’ hub, providing a platform for brands to debut their new collections. Built on an idea of bringing esports fashion forward by demonstrating the diverse and creative scene, Esports Fashion Week looks to embrace the wider community by laying down the foundation at seasonal showcases.

The release format is supplemented by original and insightful content to further connect and engage an audience in this shared world.


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